Project Timelines

Project overview and timelines:

February-April 2018

  • Establish a scoping/advisory group of committed and active learning disability nurses from practice, education and research to refine a programme of engagement with those delivering and using learning disability services. (This has been established and the first scoping meeting is complete).
  • Set up a public blog/website site via WordPress ( to share a series of discussion papers which pose questions about the future work or potential work of learning disability nurses and spreads and share data in real-time to maximise participation and learning.


May-July 2018

    • Deliver three tweet chats to explore the work of learning disability nurses in primary, secondary and tertiary care sectors. Each chat will be based around a briefing a paper posted in advance of the chat and will include the following broad themes – practice and impact, educational and training and recruitment and retention. These social media events/engagement opportunities will be facilitated in collaboration with @WeLDNurses using the well-respected #WeCommunities social media platform ( The transcripts from each chat will be subject to content analysis and the themes shared to inform a further layer of review and scrutiny. The raw transcripts and subsequent themeing will be placed on the blog site for critique and feedback. The Twitter chats have been scheduled for the 22nd of May, 19th of June and the 17th of July 2018.
    • Questionnaires may also be developed using Survey Monkey to expand the reach of the project and gather data from those not able or wishing to use social media
    • A second advisory group meeting will be scheduled for early July.
    • Regular updates will also be delivered and shared via the blog site, the FoNS weekly newsletter and website, other learning disability specific forums including @WeLDNurses, RCN Learning Disability Nursing Forum and Learning Disability and relevant publication such as RCNi Learning Disability Practice.


September-October 2018

    • To facilitate up to 6 regional stakeholder consultations hosted by healthcare organisations in England to enable expert learning disability nurses and others to review, scrutinise and add to the developing data/evidence. These events will invite up to thirty participants. Three of the regional round table events will target practicing learning disability nurses, student nurses, other medical and AHP colleagues and educators and researchers.  The other three, will target people using services, families/carers and experts by experience.  All participants will receive a briefing in advance.  All information and outcomes from each event will be posted onto the blog site.
    • Alongside the social media and round table consultations other engagement opportunities will include attendance at relevant Health Education England and other relevant learning disability events and conferences. FoNS will also communicate with other relevant stakeholder bodies including for example, the NMC, the Council of Deans of Health, Health Education England, Skills for Health, the RCN and NHS Employers. We will also maintain links with other pertinent National/Regional networks including the UK Learning Disability Consultant Nurse Network and Strengthening the Commitment National Group.


November 2018

    • Stakeholder/advisory group consultation regarding data/evidence gathered and emerging findings.


January 2019

    • A draft report for broader consultation will go out into the public domain for people who use services, learning disability nurses, policy makers, educationalists/education providers, academics, researchers, service providers, professional organisations and other professions) so that they will have opportunity to offer comment and criticism.


April/May 2019

    • A final report will be published/launched