Stakeholder Postcards to the CNO for England

Building on the creation of elevator pitches captured via the tweet chats, the idea of creating an opportunity to communicate directly with the Chief Nurse at NHS England was explored. As a result, a postcard was created addressed to the CNO office and with an opening statement:

Dear Chief Nurse

A learning disability nurse is important to me because…

CNO postcard


Participants at each of the stakeholder events were invited to write a postcard. A total of 128 postcards volunteered.




The postcards were reviewed and themed which the 22 themes ranked as show below:

  1. Person-centred holistic care (N=32)
  2. Range of knowledge and skills (N=31)
  3. Ensuring equality of treatment (N=30)
  4. Advocate for people with a learning difficulty (N=28)
  5. Skilled in communication (N=17)
  6. Non-judgemental approach/value all members of society (N=16)
  7. Empower and educate people with a learning disability (N=16)
  8. Transferrable skills (N=13)
  9. Provide specialised care (N=13)
  10. Profession undervalued (N=12)
  11. Personal qualities of learning disability nurses (resilience, patience determination, persistence) (N=11)
  12. Can make reasonable adjustments(N=8)
  13. Prevent diagnostic overshadowing and understand the causes of behaviour (N=11)
  14. Educate others about learning disability including other professionals (N=7)
  15. Ways of working/creativity (N=5)
  16. Whole life care (N=4)
  17. Able to help with mental health issues (N=4)
  18. Building therapeutic relationships (N=3)
  19. Rehabilitation, recovery, quality of life (N=3)
  20. Raise awareness of learning disability (N=3)
  21. Need to expand the profession and learning disability training (N=3)
  22. Long term care needs in the community (N=2)

A selection of postcards can be viewed by following the link: