Celebrate Me: Evidencing the Impact and Securing the Future of Learning Disability Nursing

Celebrate Me Postcard front (2)

‘Celebrate Me’ Art Work

The art work was produced by the service users, families and staff at Pathways, Exemplar Healthcare.

The idea behind the art work was that celebrate me – was about celebrating our service users. We looked at what each individual enjoyed doing and gave each person a letter. Then with the staff’s knowledge of the service users who have a profound learning disability we identified objects to put into the letters.

The service users then with the support of the staff designed and decorated their letter. Staff painted the initial outlines and the service users stuck the pictures to the letter.

The other letters – as we only have 8 service users we decided to use the art materials they enjoy using e.g. sticking materials, pompoms etc.

Yvonne Callingham-Home Manager

One thought on “Celebrate Me: Evidencing the Impact and Securing the Future of Learning Disability Nursing”

  1. (In no particular order) So far in my career I have enjoyed being a Team Leader. Line Manager. Registered Homes Manager. Community Nurse. Specialist Community Practitioner. Forensic Nurse. Lecturer/Practitioner. Nurse Teacher. Associate Teaching Fellow. Lecturer in eLearning. Senior Lecturer. Subject Lead. Academic Performance Officer. Admission Tutor. Placement Lead. External Examiner. Academic reviewer for publishers. CQC Specialist Adviser. Researcher. Overall I am proud to be a Registered Learning Disability Nurse.

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